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Hey girls, hope you’re all doing well!


In March 2023, my friend Aaliyah and I are going to participate in a sky drive to raise money for Women’s Aid Federation @womens_aid. We decided on this charity as this is something that directly affects and has affected women and girls around us. We want to work together towards helping this charity to provide life changing services to help women that are suffering from domestic abuse. Please contact us if you wanted to know some more information on how your donations will help.


If you could please donate to the cause that would be really kind and we would be so grateful for your support. ANY contribution despite how big or small would be greatly appreciated.


We thank you for your generosity in advance 

Sabrina & Aaliyah



Also if you personally need any support please do contact Womens aid for help

Donate Now

Help us make a difference


Thank you so much for your donation!

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