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  • 6 hr
  • 600 British pounds


Accredited HYBRID & RUSSIAN VOLUME LASHES training Course includes: 6 hours training Accreditation with certification so you can become fully insured Lash kit without manniquin head Lash Boss E-book Access to private lash artist club @lashedlabclub 1 x model practical Availability to rent space at Lashed Lab 3 x consultation calls per month for 3 months following initial training date The course will cover all aspects of the lash industry from: Hybrid & Russian volume lashes only Health & safety Product & eyelash anatomy Revenue Eye shapes & lash styles Medical conditions & medications Contra-indications Contra-actions Allergies & reactions Before & after care Client consultations and consent forms Preparation, isolation & application Taping methods Retention enhancement Practice doll head application Lash mapping Retention & adhesives Infills & removals Wispy Spikes Wet look lashes Product checklist Does include lash model, training will be carried on using a mannequin head if model is not available 3 case studies on your own and a theory assessment must be completed for qualification You must complete 3 case studies before, during and after your lash set and a removal set in order to gain qualification in eyelash extensions as well as a theory assessment to show your understanding to ensure you are conducting your business safely. PLUS (additional to 24/7 on-going support) Support in building your website & booking system Following completion of your course all students will receive a 10% off lifetime discount on all lash supplies Kit includes: 2x Lash trays 2x tweezers 1x Lash glue 1x remover 1x lash bonder 10x Gel pads 10x glue rings 1x Nano tape 1x mirror Pack of 20 lash brushes Pack of 20 disposable brushes Lash cleaning kit £10 extra Mannequin head and 3 x eyelids £20 extra Hard copy lash book is available for £20 Starting a business requires investment for the freedom to control your own income, how, when & where you work. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication so stop doubting yourself & take the first step to changing the rest of your life! Enrol now at Enquires: Courses are non-refundable.


Suitability for lash extensions: Please note that lash extensions are not suitable for everyone. Lashes can only be applied to healthy natural lashes. If you arrive at your appointment with lashes that are not suitable you will not be refunded. Please send a picture or video of your lashes to or @lashed_bybrina on Instagram, if you are unsure about your lashes. Lashes are not suitable for sparse, short, damaged or very curly lashes. Lash extensions are not suitable for pregnant ladies. Rescheduling/cancellation policy: Bookings are non-refundable. Appointments can be rescheduled 48 hours in advance but no later than this. Refunds are not given for late cancellations or arrival after 15 minutes. Please arrive on time as after 15 minutes appointments will be cancelled and full payment will be lost. Infills: Infills are for 50% of lashes remaining on each eye. If you arrive with less than an infill remaining you will be asked to pay the difference between an infill and full set. Infills cannot be on another lash technicians work. Full set price will be charged for lashes under 50%. Kindly disclose any eye-conditions/treatments/medications that can interrupt the treatment. Lash extensions are not suitable for pregnant ladies. On the day of your appointment: Please arrive on time to your appointment. Late appointments after 15 minutes will be cancelled. Exceptions cannot be made for traffic/delays unfortunately. Please arrive with no eye make up and disclose if you have previous lashes that need to be removed beforehand. Please note that all lashes are different and the final set is dependant on the condition of your lashes before the treatment. If you are unsure about your suitability please leave a message on the contact page. After your appointment: Aftercare instructions and a brush will be provided. The duration of lash retention is dependent on your own lash cycle and aftercare. 50% of lashes should be remaining after 2/3 weeks. The lash technician holds no responsibility for after the treatment. Bookings are non-refundable. Please tag and send pictures/videos of your lashes after your treatment and throughout having lash extensions!



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